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Civic Minded - Minding the Future of the Civic Arena

Urban Planning and Land Use Strategies


Jeff Murray, Laura Gebhard, & Antony Mustachio

[RE]PURPOSING the Civic Arena


David Roth & Victor Beltran

Plant the Arena… Grow the Hill: Eco-City


Beau Trincia, Nash Hurley, & Taylor Keep

Wylie Avenue Green


Programming (re-use) Strategies


Jacob Ross Boswell

Civic Agora


Russell Guest

Community Natatorium


Civic Space Strategies


Christopher Diehl, Beth Kalapos, Jim Kooser,

   Celeste McClung, Matt Watson

the Necessity of Ruins


Emily Hogan

Civic Minded


Geoffrey Aiken

The Urban Harvest Center


Other Drawing Submissions

Paul Edward Bench

Civic Ecology

Shashi Patel & Pooja Mishra

Civic Eco Snail

Pooja Mishra & Diksha Mishra

Civic Growth Center

Jason Hindes & Jozef Petrak, Renaissance 3 Architects

CIVIC | movement

Richard L. Beattie Jr., AIA & Karen L. Miller

Civic Station

Karen Branick

Flexible Fusion: Merging History + Recreation

Thoedore Geary & Jeff Visomirski


Michael Abrahamson & Jeremy Smith

Meet the Circles

Mary Robson

Pittsburgh Historical Center and Memorial Museum

Craig Kibbe

Save the Igloo

Shannon Forry, Jeremy Smith, & Allison Szalkowski

Saving an ICON: The Preservation + Repurpose of Mellon Arena



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